Step into the enchanting world of „Ring,“ our latest audiovisual production commissioned by the Zurich Opera House. This immersive experience will take you on a mesmerizing 10-minute journey through the mythical and prehistoric times of Wagner’s Gesamtkunstwerk, The Ring.

With the use of impressive digital imagery and the epochal music of Richard Wagner, we will transport you to the underwater world of the Rhine, to the depths of the earth to Nibelheim, and to the gods‘ castle of Valhalla.

Zurich holds a special place in the creation of The Ring, as it was here where Wagner developed the ideas for this unique and epoch-making work, wrote and composed much of the music, and ultimately premiered it.

To celebrate this occasion, the Zurich Opera House has created an audiovisual light spectacle that not only graces the stage but also invites the entire city population to participate. Join us as we journey into the fantastic world of Ring and experience the magic of Wagner’s vision.

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