Embark on a mesmerizing journey of creation with Genesis II, where days four to seven of the creation story are masterfully brought to life through cutting-edge technology and artistry. Experience the awe-inspiring transformation of the church’s structures, columns, and walls into a canvas of vibrant colors and captivating figures, immersing you in the second half of Genesis in a visually stunning way. Let yourself be transported to a world of wonder as you witness the birth of the sun, moon, and stars, and the emergence of the first humans, all through the incredible artistry of Genesis II.


  • / ZURICH

    The Offener St. Jakob in Zurich's Stauffacher district has been transformed into a vibrant space, filled with life both on its surfaces and in the air. At the premiere of Genesis II Zurich, attendees reclined on cozy carpets and blankets as the space around them was transformed into a vibrant, living work of art.

    Genesis II Zurich presents the story of the creation from the fourth to the seventh day, depicting everything from the sun, moon, and stars to the first humans. The presentation is strikingly impressive, as the structures, columns, and walls within the church have been infused with new dimensions, colors, and figures. The result is a visually stunning depiction of the second half of Genesis.

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