Paul Klee and Ferdinand Hodler: two of the greatest Swiss artists

Our Immersive Art exhibit, with its stunning combination of conventional painting and cutting-edge digital technology, takes place in the largest immersive museum Switzerland has ever seen, covering an impressive 8,000 square meters. It is a testament to the enduring legacy of Hodler and Klee, inspiring visitors to embrace the Swiss art tradition and push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.



    Ferdinand Hodler and Paul Klee are two of the most important Swiss artists of the 20th century. Their contributions to the world of art have been significant, and their legacies continue to inspire and influence artists around the world. Hodler's mastery of color and form, as well as his dedication to Swiss culture, set a new standard for Swiss art, while Klee's imaginative and experimental approach to art expanded the possibilities of what art could be.

    In our Immersive Art show, we pay homage to these two great artists by showcasing their work in a dynamic and immersive way. By combining traditional painting with cutting-edge digital technology, we bring their art to life and give visitors a new perspective on their work. Through this experience, we hope to inspire a new generation of artists to continue the tradition of Swiss art and to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of art.

    Our Immersive Art show has been showcased in Attisholz, at the Kiesofenhalle, the largest venue for immersive art in Switzerland. The show was a stunning display of the power of art to transport and transform, and we are honored to have brought the work of Hodler and Klee to such a prestigious venue.

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    In the bustling city of Zurich, two towering figures in Swiss art emerged in the 20th century - Ferdinand Hodler and Paul Klee. Their creative brilliance continues to resonate across the art world, inspiring and influencing artists everywhere. Hodler's visionary use of color and form, coupled with his unwavering dedication to Swiss culture, set a high bar for Swiss art. Meanwhile, Klee fearlessly experimented with his art, breaking free from conventional boundaries and exploring new horizons.

    At our Immersive Art exhibit in Zurich, we pay homage to these two titans by plunging visitors into their stunning artworks, expertly blending conventional painting techniques with cutting-edge digital wizardry. This art show is a testament to the breathtaking beauty and remarkable innovation of Hodler and Klee's art, offering visitors a fresh and immersive perspective on their work.

    Our ultimate goal is to inspire a new generation of artists to carry the Swiss art tradition forward, continually pushing the boundaries of art in exciting and novel ways. We are immensely proud to have premiered this unique experience at the magnificent MAAG Halle in Zurich, where visitors could bask in the awe-inspiring grandeur of Hodler and Klee's art, and experience the transformative power of art in all its glory.

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