The most spectacular buildings in the world

Explore the world’s most stunning buildings in an immersive experience. The 360° projections take you on a journey to iconic buildings such as the Sistine Chapel, Saint Chapelle, Sagrada Familia, Angkor Wat, Mosque of Córdoba, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, and Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Witness the incredible skills of past builders and the cultural and spiritual significance of these wonders. This awe-inspiring tour is a profound and fascinating experience that touches the heart and soul.


  • / Zurich

    Offener St. Jakob

    WONDERS takes its captivating immersive showcase to Zurich for its grand premiere, inviting Swiss audiences to embark on a journey of artistic marvels and sensory exploration.

  • / Lucerne


    As part of the Lichterfestival Luzern, the immersive show WONDERS graces Lucerne with its presence, enveloping spectators in a breathtaking symphony of light, sound, and art, transforming the city into a realm of enchantment and visual poetry. This unprecedented fusion of immersive experiences and the festival's magical ambiance creates an unforgettable tapestry of wonder for all who attend.

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